Write Cursive  

Details of the Course(s):

“Write Cursive” offers the Handwriting Course for individuals of all ages and all fields. No specific educational qualification is required. However, reading and writing skills with a strong desire to change their lives is prerequisite.

 In this course, we will train you in developing a good handwriting that transforms your personality and brings you success. Using Graphotheraphy, you will be trained to inculcate the positive traits and eliminate the negative traits. This writing is not just designed to improve your handwriting but your entire personality and it is not for a temporary change but for your entire life.

Duration: 6 Hours

 >Syllabi of the Course:

History of Letters
Why Cursive Writing?
Interrelation between Cursive Writing and Graphology
Characteristics of Good Handwriting
Concept of Brain Writing
Developing Motor Skills for best handwriting
Yoga techniques & Calligraphy
Preferable ways of strokes for the best creation of good letter/word.
Grouping of letters by means of connections
General connections
Special connections
Practicing with two, three and more letters with perfect connections
Importance of Zones
Middle Zone/Upper Zone/ Lowe Zone/ m+u+I zone letters
Importance of Spacing
Spacing modes at framing a sentence
Models of practice for forward slant
Perfect writing on base lines
Dragging out negative characteristics with cursive writing.

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