“Write Cursive” is established by Ravi Parasa, who is the Chief Trainer of the organization. Mr. Ravi is a skilled multi-tasker, passionate teacher, trainer, and motivational speaker. Besides practicing and training in Calligraphy, Graphology and Graphotherapy, effectively juggles his roles as corporate marketing trainer, full time Marketing Director for Career Analytics as well as student counselor, family counselor, and personality development trainer. In addition to these, Mr. Ravi is a certified Yoga trainer whose inquisitive application of Yogic Techniques to the field of Calligraphy have brought out tremendous positive results.

Mr. Ravi is a post graduate in English and Business Administration.  After having essayed the noble role of a teacher in government service, Ravi took a sharp shift towards the financial sector and made his mark there too as a Finance Executive with pioneers in the field. He was bestowed with the Best Campaigner Award for three consecutive years during that period where he was also responsible for increasing the auction turnover from 2.6 million to 43.5 million Indian Rupees, expanding from 2 branches to 9 branches and subsequently the staff capacity increased from 15 to 450 employees.

It is no exaggeration to say that achievement is Ravi’s middle name. Having been a go-getter at every step in his life, he has been conferred many honours and awards. Mostly a winner of most Science Fairs not just at the district and state levels, but at the South India level too including significant participation at the Young Scientist Competition. He was ranked 6th in the innovative competition at A.P. Science Academy, awarded the Best organizer and promoter of the Literacy Development Activity. He has proved his skill at sporting too as a seasoned volleyball and kabaddi player. To top it all, Ravi is also a selected member of the State Council for Educational Research and Training. Ravi has a creative eye and everything that he sees through it takes a shape as a "Nail Art" on a piece of paper - which makes him a unique personality.

When asked how he copes with such varied roles and pressures, pat comes his reply, “Laughter is the best medicine.” No wonder then that Ravi is laughing his way to success in every field he has entered.

Contact Details:

Ravi Parasa,


Shiridi Sai Marg,



Andhra Pradesh.

Email: raviparasa.artist@gmail.com